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College and Classes and Dorms… Oh My! (WIAW)

So, look back to the title. See it? Read it. Now, read it again, but this time say it with gusto to the tune LIONS and TIGERS and BEARS… Oh my!

Really though, college is not that bad. That means my title selection for today’s post probably breaks a gazillion rules in the blogging world. Rule #1: Make sure your title conveys what you are going to discuss in the blog post. MY RULE #1: Make your title catchy, fun, and slightly weird/off topic.

And in case you missed my previous Day 1 and Day 2 college posts, check them out!

Anyways, it is now Wednesday, technically by third day of class, and my seventh day away at college.

To celebrate, a totally unexpected WIAW, courtesy of Jenn over at Peas and Crayons.


I usually have protein powder bread for breakfast, but I have been running low. Instead I get up in the mornings, get ready, and head out to a dining hall to buy some fresh fruit.

This pear cost me 69 (or 79?) cents:

Kath Eats is the best blog for breakfast viewing! Her oat bowls are simply amazing.

This “medium” bowl of grapes was $3.49:

I ate some on the walk back. I was just SO hungry!


Then I decided that I really did want to eat some protein bread, so I made this.

I’m currently out of protein powder, WAH!


For lunch I headed to the closet dining hall, bought a “medium” bowl of lettuce and cucumbers. Again… $3.49!! Then I added a can of my own low-sodium tuna.

Tis good. All of their food is always fresh.

Close-up on the cucumbers! I can’t believe that I used to hate these guys less than a month ago. Now we are the best of friends.


Canned green beans are a staple for me (I just remembered that there is supposed to be a theme to this WIAW post…). Actually, all of the food that you see here ARE my staples for college eating. I’m limited, so this is what I eat. All of the time. Hopefully the menu next week will be slightly varied with the dining halls. Maybe a different vegetable next time?

Recycled picture.


For dinner and/or lunch I always start off with a salad of, you guessed it: cucumbers and lettuce,  although last night I also added some shredded carrots (Yay me!). Then I get some rice and grapes. If I see one of the chefs who runs the dining halls then I will try to get their attention and order something else, like grilled chicken.

Recycled picture from first day.

Recycled picture.


For my late night snacks, I eat fruit and protein powder. Last night I had two bananas sitting on my dresser that I really wanted to eat, so I made this wonderful concoction:

I have a feeling that these “messy” bowls will become a regular occurrence for me.

Banana Bread Protein Batter

Serves 1

High in protein


1 banana (or pumpkin)

1 scoop protein powder (I used plain brown rice)

sweetener (I used a 1/2 packet of stevia)

water or milk to get desired consistency

*optional: baking powder/soda (authentic taste), cinnamon, berries, chocolate chips, oatmeal or quinoa

Directions: Stir ingredients together and eat.

Banana bread batter!!!

And now for my totally random photo of the day, look at what I saw when walking to my Writing Class in the morning:

Any guesses to what it is?

No, it’s not a giant horse fly. If it was, I would not have gotten nearly as close! Those things bite.

It’s actually a cicada. Thanks to Wikipedia I now know what these things are:

  • Cicadas live in temperate to tropical climates
  • They are well-known for their large size and unique (LOUD) sound
  • Cicadas are benign to humans, and normally do not bite or sting unless they mistake a human’s arm for a tree…. WHAT?!

Just for reference size, that cicada above is the size of my thumb.

Super. Creepy.


Check back in tomorrow or Friday for a special post on How to Eat in Dining Halls with Food Allergies.


What food do you eat now that you previously hated? For me it is cucumbers and pears.

Do you have any interesting bugs/creatures where you live?

Is there anything that you struggle with when eating out with food allergies, or any questions that you have that I could answer in my next post?

My Lunch With the Dietitian (Day 2 at School)

Thanks for all of the “likes” on my last post!

My meeting with the school’s dietitian went great. We met at 11:00 and she led me around to all of the places that I would be able to eat. That totaled to three. Not a lot compared to the 20 or more places to eat on campus, but I’ll take it!

My favorite part was when she introduced me to all of the chefs and managers at the dining locations. Two were All You Can Eat chefs and one was a chef at your typical pick-and-pay venue.

Basically, the dietitian sent an email out before hand about all of my allergies so they knew what to expect. They also knew that I can’t digest fats right now, so whenever they cook anything for me, it has to be with water or occasionally olive oil.

I got most of their business cards and/or a way to contact them. So if I am in a hurry and need something on the go, I can just shoot them an email beforehand. Totally cool.

Before I parted ways with the dietitian we decided to test out one of the All You Can Eat Places of my choosing. I went with the one that had the friendliest chef. He was all smiles and more than willing to accommodate me. He actually said, “You return home fat, and your parents will be so happy because they know that you will be well fed.” Ahhh…. Thanks for the thought, really!

First we headed over to the grill where we asked if I could have some chicken cooked with water. Instant problem. Yes they could do that, but there was oil in the marinade…. Just great.

Then, out of the corner of my eye Chef appeared! He asked what I need and said, “No problem, what kind of vegetables do you want with that?” I looked over the selection and picked onions and mushrooms. “I’ll bring it out when it’s ready.” WOW.

I also got a plate of salad (lettuce + cucumbers) and grapes before sitting down at a tall cafe-style table. I chatted with the dietitian about food, cooking, and our families. Within 10 minutes a hot plate of food came out delivered by the chef personally. “I only gave you one chicken tenderloin, but I have another cooked in case you wanted it. I didn’t know how hungry you were.” LOVE. THIS. GUY.


Sadly I didn’t get a picture of the chicken. But just LOOK at that plate of salad! :)

The food was very flavorful for being cooked just in water. I guess that’s why he’s the one getting paid.

After I parted with the dietitian I had some opening weekend events to attend along with my first class. Afterwards, my parents came up for an induction ceremony and a goodbye dinner at the place of our choosing.

Of course, I picked the same dining hall as before. The grill was closed, but I asked for the chef and he appeared. With a smile he asked what I wanted and I said the same thing as before, but this time two chickens. My parents were confused with what was happening, but took it all in stride.

I got the same plate of salad and sat down. With wide eyes my parents watched at the chef came and delivered my plate. They both shook his hand and introduced themselves. They thanked him so much and he said, “I’ll cook her whatever she wants.” He just won my parents’ hearts.


This is a photo of what I ate for lunch the day AFTER. I figured that you all didn’t want to see re-used images. And I know… NO protein. I was in a rush!

My dad couldn’t stop smiling. He was just flabbergasted. “I am so jealous.” Out of habit, he almost reached over with his fork to try my onions and mushrooms. “Wait, that’s your food,” he said and quickly pulled back his fork.

Then it was time to say goodbye (for real) and they were on their way.

I had a few more events that night and then I hit the sack at around midnight. Up at 6:30 to type this post!

And for breakfast…

Sweet Pumpkin Microwave Muffin. (My mother so kindly brought me my protein powder and stevia yesterday so I didn’t have to go without).


This looks really thin, but it was actually an inch or two thick. Times this by two for a filling breakfast!


Yes, this is a terrible picture. Very grainy and pixely. I just wanted to include this for contrast to the picture below.



Isn’t android photo editor awesome?! This picture went from barely able to discern to the semi-awesome-nothing-special-but-you-CAN-tell-what it is picture above.

Today I finally get to meet my roommate (DAY 3). So excited! Off to clean…


What editing software do you use for your pictures?

Do you have to make “special” orders at restaurants?

Did you know your roommate before college?