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Holiday Hustle: Thanksgiving Workout

Good morning! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. If you missed my last post, check out Sunshine in My Fridays for a fun survey and another Friday Food Finds!

I don’t have time today for a very long post, but I did want to share this new workout I created for the upcoming holiday season. As you may or may not know, I very much dislike exercising. To encourage me to get in exercise, I made this fun little workout. It involves TURKEYS of course for Thanksgiving and shakes things up a bit and comes at a perfect time because today is October 22 which means we are exactly one month away from Thanksgiving!

You can incorporate this workout however you want into your daily routine. My plan is to do this once a day, increasing my time intervals slowly- Don’t want to get worn out too quickly! This would be a great addition to your morning routine as well as a fun stop in between your miles of biking or running. I did the 30 second intervals just to test it out and my heart already started pumping at the end of four minutes!! And for those of you in college… this is super simple to do in your dorm room! You don’t need a weights and there isn’t much space required.

Each move is pretty self-explanatory and is open for any interpretation that you see fit. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoy it!

*Note: I am not a licensed or certified trainer. This workout is just for fun and I am in no way telling you what is right for you.

What is your favorite way to make exercising fun?

Do you like these quick workout ideas that you can find on pinterest? What’s your favorite?

Would you be interested in Holiday Hustle workouts for all of the major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc?

Sunshine in My Fridays

Hello everyone! First, I want to thank you all for commenting on my last WIAW! It really means a lot to me and I hope that you are enjoying the recipes!

Second, I want to thank Caloric and Crazy for nominating me for the Sunshine Award!

As you all know, I love filling out surveys, so here it goes…

Here are the rules… 

  • If you are nominated you must include the link in a blog, linking to the person/blog that nominated you.
  • You must answer some questions and nominate 7 fellow bloggers and link their blogs in your post.
  • Let the people you have nominated know that you have nominated them!

1. Who is your favorite philosopher? Let’s be honest here. I had to look up a list of philosophers on Wikipedia to decide. Then I remembered a report that I did in tenth grade on the fathers of Algebra. For now we will consider them “philosophers”: Diophantus and al-Khwarizmi. Algebra is my favorite part of math!

2. What is your favorite number? I’ve always been partial to odd numbers…. Particularly 3, 5, 7 and 11.

3. What is your favorite animal? I really don’t like these questions because they are so difficult to answer. I guess I’m partial to cats and dogs because I have four at home… But otherwise I love prairie dogs, monkeys and whales.

4. What are your Facebook and Twitter? I like to keep my Facebook private for personal reasons, and while I do have a Twitter, I never use it and only have one follower 🙂

5. What is your favorite time of day? My favorite part of the day is around 6:00 pm. While I always get up early, I am definitely not a morning person. At 6:00 pm all of my classes are done for the day and I can just go get some dinner and relax in my dorm.

6. What was your favorite vacation? That’s a toughie. I’ve been on so many wonderful trips- There are no bad ones! Disney World is definitely up there, and so is Myrtle Beach. A few years ago I also visited Niagra Falls with my mom and some friends. The best vacation I have ever been on though was with my dad to California. It was just the two of us and it was awesome. He had a SHRM conference in San Diego and invited me along for the ride. That was my first time ever flying. We had so much fun together hanging out, talking, eating at cool restaurants, and taking long walks to visit the sights.

7. What is your favorite physical activity? Swimming will always be my favorite form of exercise. I honestly do not like activities where you sweat a lot and breathe heavy. Haha. (Yes, that means I hate to run!) Dancing is probably my second favorite as I took a lot of dance classes when I was younger, and Just Dance is my all time favorite video game. Also on the list are skiing and bicycling!

8. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Honestly, I only drink water. I gave up pop in sixth grade and don’t really drink fruit juice or smoothies. I prefer to get my calories from things I can chew, like Protein Muffins or Squash!

9. What is your favorite flower? Pansies. The main reason is that when I was younger my mom told me that she thought pansies were ugly when I asked to plant some in our garden. I named them my favorite flower just to annoy her 🙂 Haha.

10. What is your passion? So many different things! My number one would probably be writing. It is so freeing; when I write I feel like the sky is the limit and that I have no restraints. My other passions include reading, drawing, nutrition and mental math (my inner-counting nerd coming out).

And now I get to pass this award onto seven other lovely bloggers:

*Okay, so I might have put them in bullets so that you wouldn’t realize that there were more than seven… Caught red handed!


Also, since today is Friday, it’s time for another FFF: Friday Food Finds!

You can read all about Friday Food Finds and my past posts here:

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I just love reading through Sarah’s recipes from The Brain and Body. She is a fellow microwave fanatic too! One recipe that really caught my eye was her microwave English muffin. It contains a whole lot of stuff that I can’t eat, but it is great for inspiration. I want to create an allergy-free, savory (microwave) bread that I can use for sandwiches!

And a Friday Food Finds is not complete with a recipe from StuftMama, right? Recently she has been getting creative in the kitchen and topping her spaghetti squash with some (odd but delicious-looking) ingredients. I’ve definitely been inspired to try topping my squash with some different things.

Another recipe that caught my attention this week was Jenn’s butternut squash steak fries over at Peas and Crayons. I’ve made butternut squash fries in the past and they were so good!

The last recipe that I want to highlight is not actually a recipe at all… Well, it used to be, but the blogger closed down her blog a little while ago. This recipe is actually my favorite thing I’ve made from a blog EVER. It is so easy to adapt to whatever you want, and it tastes great! Sadly I can’t remember what all of the measurements were, so I’m going to have to do some trial and error. For reference, it was on Lactose Free Lizzie‘s blog and it was the recipe for her Cookie Dough Cakes. They weren’t actually “cookie dough” but just a basic biscuit-type recipe that you could add blueberries, chocolate chips to. Simply fabulous! (If any of you happen to remember this recipe… Let me know! Thanks!)

Note: Also this week participating FFF is Olivia from Liv Lives Life! If you’d like to join us in some Friday fun, leave a comment on any of my FFF posts and I’ll include a link to yours!


Any recipes that have caught your eye lately? Let me know!

It’s really hard for me to find recipes that don’t need adapting, so any tips are appreciated. Here are my criteria just in case you have a recipe in mind: MUST BE egg-free, milk-free, gluten-free (no oats), peanut-free, corn-free, celery-free, tomato-free. For the time being, I am also avoiding all nuts/oil/seeds, beans, and a few fruits/veggies that cause me stomach problems.

If you find a recipe that meets some or most of that criteria, post a comment on here! Also, if you see something SUPER AWESOME that is a great “concept” post a comment. I love experimenting in the kitchen!


What plans do you have for the weekend?

Answer one of the questions from my survey!