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A Little Bit of Everything Awesome

It’s Friday… Are you excited?

I’m excited.

There has been SO MUCH awesomeness going on recently that I decided to just smoosh everything together into one big post.

Awesome #1: All of your comments. I know I say that all of the time. But really, you don’t know how much they mean to me. So many heartfelt, encouraging comments on What is Normal Anyways? and so many food-related, fun responses to my last WIAW. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

Awesome #2: Today I’m participating in a Relay for Life event that I’m so excited about! My parents are coming up along with my aunt and one of her friends. I have five friends from school joining me. It’s going to be a blast.

You may remember from my “Normal” post that I was kind of stressing out over the whole thing. Still stressing because I did not raise nearly as much money or put as much time into our team as I had hoped. As one of my friends said though, “Just showing up is a big help.” So true. I hope I can remember that when I’m staying up until 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. Walking. Trying not to fall asleep.

Awesome #3: I love reading blogs so much. Here are a few posts that I found especially “awesome” this week:

Peace Love and Oat’s PicMonkey Tutorial.

Life of Di’s Merry Little Playlist. (<<Totally stealing this idea soon!)

Peachy Palate’s Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Brownies.

Cranberry Love BlogHop where I submitted my cranberry banana “ice cream”

Awesome #4: Christmas Window Shopping at Walmart with my mom last weekend!

Christmas bags are almost as awesome as what comes inside!

This would be perfect if I lived in a place with no snow. Here though, it’s kind of like a death wish. Next thing you know we have a blizzard…

Again, method of transportation may be even cuter than the gift itself.


Getting fancy with the usual Christmas tins.

20 Dollars of pure awesome. We couldn’t stop laughing!

I NEED these for my dorm room windows.

And these… If I can’t eat a gingerbread house, I might as well have one for my windows.

Okay. All of the lights were actually working.

Pretty… But I don’t really see how Peacocks and Christmas really go together.

Is nothing sacred? What happened to red and green? Since when is Christmas about nail polish and cupcakes?!

Mom: Do you want a pink tree for your room.

Me: Hmmm… No.


Awesome #5: After today, I only have four more days until Thanksgiving break!

For some healthy holiday food, check out these links:

GlutenFree * Thanksgiving * Table on Pinterest

What Would Cathy Eat’s Healthy Thanksgiving Challenge


Have you ever used PicMonkey? 

Done any Christmas shopping yet?

What are your travel plans for Thanksgiving?

*Edited to add: My honor’s program is about to buy our annual book that we get for being members. I have four options and would love some feedback on which one to choose! Here they are: A Fault in our Stars by John Green, Cloud Atlas by David Mitchel, Life of Pi by Yann Martel, and The Bluest by Toni Morrison.

WIAW + Fun Foods Survey


Really, that’s all that I can say in response to all of your amazing replies to my Friday post, What is Normal Anyways? If you haven’t read it yet, please check it out and consider posting the questionnaire on your own blog!


Today is another WIAW post, my seventeenth to be exact!

First I am going to share with you some of my recent meals, and then I have another neat survey for you guys!


Acorn Squash.

With banana slices.


My usual salad with chicken, grapes and cucumbers. Apple on the side.

Wait, and what is that? A coupon for pizza? Hmm… No thanks!


Cranberry Banana Ice Cream.

Two ingredients. Mixed in a food processor until creamy. Pure deliciousness.


Half a butternut squash stuffed with chicken. Such a good combo!


Freakishly large carrots.

I found this fun food survey on Jessie Loves to Run:

What foods reminds you of your childhood? Buckwheat pancakes. I loved the wholesome taste, especially drenched in syrup.

What food brings back memories and why? As I mentioned before, my favorite breakfast growing up was cream of wheat. One of my favorite memories as a child was sitting on the kitchen counter near the stove, my dad making Cream of Wheat, and him singing what he dubbed “the cream of wheat song.”

What is your favorite baked good? Blueberry muffins.

What are the top 5 things on your grocery list? Canned chicken, squash, bananas, green beans, and protein powder.

What is your favorite version of PBJ? Honestly, if I could any kind of PBJ right now I’d be happy. However, my favorite used to be whole wheat bread with natural peanut butter and strawberry fruit spread.

What was the best thing you ate today? My lunch above.

What is the best combo of banana + ____? Banana and protein powder. Banana protein bread!!

What have you never ate, but always wanted to try? Sweet potato fries.

What flavor ice cream would you be if you were an ice cream, and the name the flavor? Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. At the base I’m vanilla. Simple. But take a bite into the cookie dough. Complexity.

What is the “prettiest” food in your opinion? Salads.

What have you not eaten in so long and want to have again!? Everything that I’m allergic to. Ha! Like bread, ice cream… or peanut butter!

If you only could have the same exact breakfast for a week what would it be? Banana protein bread. Actually, I already do have this for days straight.


And that concludes my WIAW for this week! Thanks again to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting this wonderful blog party! See all of you WIAW-ers next week for Thanksgiving!!!!


What is your favorite meal from today?

Have you filled out the What is Normal Anways? survey yet?!

Answer some questions from above… Like, what ice cream flavor are you? OR What food reminds you of your childhood?