Marvelous is April 1

Today is quite a marvelous day indeed. Not because of it being April Fool’s Day, which I always have mixed feelings about, but because it’s my 19th Birthday!


My birthday is going to be very low-key this year being me, myself and I. Someone go eat a piece of cake for me and report back! 🙂



I wish…



43 Thoughts on “Marvelous is April 1

  1. ahhhhhhhhhhh Happy Birthday, girl!!! I hope it’s the best one yet 🙂

  2. Happy happy birthday to you!

  3. Happy Birthday!! And that cake looks amazing. I would love to eat a piece for you ;).

  4. Yay!! Happy happy birthday!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Beautiful!! I hope you had a wonderful day so far, you deserve that and more! I hope you go get some birthday cake or any kind of birthday dessert! <3

  6. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Madison! Happy Birthday to you!
    I wish you could have some cake. I hope you have a great day!! Peace, love and bunnies.

  7. Awww, happy birthday!!! I woul def. eat that slice of cake for you if I could!!!

  8. Happy Birthday! I wish you got the cake 🙂

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope that you get some cake as good looking as that one! 🙂

  10. Haopy birthday, even if it is on Monday. 🙂
    That cake has me drooling. Hope you have a great week & get to celebrate.

  11. Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day <3

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Shame about the cake but I’m sure your day will be just as lovely without it x

  13. Oh no, I’m late! I hope you had an awesome birthday anyway!

  14. Even though low key- i hope you had a wonderful b-day! Enjoy your last year of being a teenager 😉

  15. Happy Belated Birthday 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your day. Ever since I was… maybe okay 8 lol, my birthdays are always low-key. I like em’ that way. But maybe this year I’ll go nuts… I’ll be a QUARTER-CENTURY lol

  16. Happy [belated] birthday! That cake looks AWESOME – I’d definitely eat a slice for you 😉

  17. I hope you had a great Birthday!!

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  19. Happy birthday – hope you had a lovely day.

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