Let’s Get it Pinning in Here

Let’s Get It Pinning in here…

And the base keep pinnin’ pinnin’, and pinnin’ pinnin’, and pinnin’ pinnin’, and pinnin’ pinnin’, and pinnin’ pinnin’, and pinnin’ pinnin’, and pinnin’ pinnin’, and pinnin’ pinnin’, and…

Are you ready to get started with The Lean Green Bean’s next Pin It Party? Yah!!!!!

Are you now currently humming along to the Black Eyed Peas song? Yaaaahhhhh….. No.

Get your head out of the music and refocus, because right now it’s all about Pinterest. There’s no time for Fergie today.


Everyone is welcome to participate and the rules are simple:

  • Round up 5 blog posts you’ve written that you would like to see on Pinterest.
  • Make sure there is a nice, pinnable image or photo included in each post.
  • Write a short post featuring the posts you chose- ie, put 5 nice images & links to the posts all in one place, along with a short description of each post.
  • On Thursday, publish your post, then visit The Bean and add your post to the linkup!

Below I have gathered my 5 posts that I would love to be pinned, and to further excite things, I have also included some more items of Pinterest “interest” (ha! 😉 ) towards the end that I think my fellow pinners may love as well.

Grain-Free Banana Scones

Grain-Free Banana Scones – This is my most recent recipe here on Eating 4 Balance. The scones are naturally sweetened with honey and bananas, and topped with a deliciously simple almond butter glaze (nut-free and vegan substitutions listed).


Basic Paleo Pancakes– These are my fluffiest grain-free pancakes to date. Like most of my recipes, they are very allergy-friendly, and being made from neutral flours they would be wonderful with a variety of toppings.


Microwave Cinnamon Rolls– In case you are new to my blog, you should know that the only thing that rivals my passion for pancake recipes is my love for cinnamon rolls. This cinnamon roll recipe in particular is great because it can be made in just a few short minutes and has a serving size of two. It’s perfect for a quick morning breakfast.


Easy Apple Cinnamon Pancakes – Like I said, I love pancakes. With a combination of apples, nut flour, yogurt and eggs these are a are a great hearty (and healthy) way to start your day.


Catching Fire Recipe Round-Up – This may be one of my most time intensive posts ever (except for my 12 Days of Allergy-Friendly Christmases). In honor of the release of Catching Fire I went through the book, found all mentions of food, and then proceeded to match up a majority of them with recipes that I have found around the blog world. If you are a Hunger Games fan, you don’t want to miss this post. It would be a great resource for a party when Catching Fire is released on DVD!


Of course, a pinner is nothing without the amazing pinners that she/he follows. Below are just a couple of my favorite boards on Pinterest. They range from style to funnies to Disney stuff to gorgeous scenery… and then of course there are the food boards. Most recipe boards I follow are just for “pinspiration” but there are a few allergy-friendly ones in there as well.


I hope you’ve found some delicious recipes to pin and interesting new boards to follow! My pinterest account is here if you’d like an awesome daily slew of puppy chow recipes, obsessive Harry Potter memes, and a constant influx of allergy-friendly recipes.

If you have a Pinterest board that you think I’d like to follow (it can be yours of course!) let me know in the comments. I’m always looking for someone new. Pinterest is one addiction I’m not sure I will ever break 😉



19 Thoughts on “Let’s Get it Pinning in Here

  1. Omg I died at “I’d pin that”. & oh yeah, nbd, already pinned most of your five 😉

  2. These recipes look yummy! Will have to pin them for later! I love Pinterest too, it can be very addicting!

  3. Ohh I’m pumped for this- I have my pin it post for tomorrow! I love your Harry potter one..not so much your puppy chow :p

  4. I still need to make those scones!!

  5. I have literally JUST gotten into pinterest. Signed up for it a long time ago, but never looked…now I am a little addicted. haha

  6. Pin ALL the things! I’ve recently started stalking your pinterest a bit more and stealing a lot of the amazing things you pin for my own board 😉

  7. Omg Pinterest is such a time-sucker. I could be on there for HOURS. I have to ban myself from going on at work (yeah right like that works!!) But I do try and get on and off in 10 minutes. Otherwise I fear my life is ebbing away from me. I love your pin selections 🙂

  8. I haven’t joined Pinterest yet because I know it would be very, very dangerous!!

  9. yum! pinned the paleo pancakes and the scones! thanks for participating!

  10. Ok you are in big trouble for getting that song stuck in my head hahaha. Well played girl! I’m glad you posted your pinterest link here since that made it much easier to follow you 😉 cannot wait to try those scones!

  11. I love scones. Those look so good! 🙂 Also – I haven’t been on Pinterest much lately but when I get on there, I have a hard time getting off – very addicting!

  12. Haha loved this post!!! Those banana scones… oh man! Need em’ now!!! >.<

  13. Pinned the scones. Will DEFINITELY be trying them! Thanks Madison! I unfortunately have to live with many food intolerances as well so I can relate to the challenges that come along with it. Find me on Pinterest (AdventuresofZnK) and check out my “FODMAP Friendly” board for gluten-free, dairy-free, etc. etc. recipes. -Kerry

  14. runwiki on January 31, 2014 at 1:14 am said:

    Do have any idea how big my smile was when I saw all of these recipes? You are a grain free goddess! Pinning like crazy!

  15. I totally started singing it along as if it were the song! Haha! 😀
    Ahh, the recipes all look and sounds delicious. They definitely will come in handy. 😉

  16. Just pinned your scones! I’d already pinned your microwave cinnamon rolls but still need to get onto making them too 😀

    I am way too addicted to Pinterest for my own good.

  17. There is always time for Fergie and what a fabulous song to start my day. I’m not sure I need to say it, but when has that ever stopped me before. I LOVED the intro and I’m thrilled to have that tune prattling around my noggin’. Fun Fact: that was the first song at my wedding (once the intro’s and cake cutting stuff had been done). That was the one to get the folks on the dance floor. It certainly worked for me.

    Your pictures are looking mighty pretty. I’m super impressed and I’d be happy to Pin That Sh!t!

  18. Banana scones! I have only ever made blueberry/strawberry/plain scones, but since I can only tolerate bananas when they’re used as an ingredient, this would be an awesome baked good to make!

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