Microwave Banana Cake with Frosting

Microwave Banana Cake with Frosting (Paleo and Vegan)

Valentine Day’s - a day for the exchange of tokens of affection.

Most think that if you don’t have a significant other (aka: a boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife) then Valentine’s Day is not for you.

I’m here to prove you wrong. “Tokens of affection” aren’t just meant to be exchanged between couples. Showing love is something that we can do with anyone we care about. In high school our French club used to sell Carnations on Valentine’s Day for $1.25 apiece. It was all very exciting with filling out an order form, choosing the flower color, and including a message for the desired recipient.

I never had a boyfriend during February 14th, and yet every year I still always received at least one carnation. No, not from any secret admirer, but from my friends and from my mother. Not once did I feel embarrassed or like I was receiving a consolation prize. I felt just as happy to receive those as anyone else did. And seeing the smiles on my friends’ faces when they received a carnation from me? It just made the day that much better.

Now, I’ve never been one much for going the traditional route on holidays. I rarely give out boxes of expensive chocolate or those sugary sweet candy hearts. Instead, I show my love in much more common everyday activities. Take for instance this year. Knowing that I wouldn’t be home on Valentine’s Day, I decided to whip up this sweet snack cake for my mom and dad. My mom’s was actually much fancier with a double recipe of both the cakes and the creamy nut butter frosting spread in between, then drizzled with a coconut oil-based chocolate glazed over the top.

Microwave Banana Cake with Frosting (Paleo and Vegan)

Microwave Banana Cake with Frosting (Paleo and Vegan)

So while yes, I did include chocolate for this year’s gift, it was done with heart, not my wallet. And it was not between me and a boyfriend but between me and my family.

Because that’s what LOVE is to me.

Last week I was asked to join in on Brilliant Earth’s Create a Little Love Campaign. The mission was simple: Explain what love means to you.


We were also tasked with sharing a picture spelling out the word… L-O-V-E. I chose to spell out the word with fruits and vegetables. Cliche? Maybe. However, like I said before, I think showing love can be done in common day things. I express my love by my recipes, whether they be making them for friends and family, or sharing them with you. Love is doing things for people you care about, not because you have to, but because you want to. I make and share allergy-friendly and unprocessed sweets like the one I have for you today because I care about the health of those that I love. Simple as that.

Just because something is ordinary doesn’t mean it can’t make someone feel extraordinary.

Microwave Banana Cake with Frosting (Paleo and Vegan)

Microwave Banana Cake with Frosting

Grain/Gluten/Wheat-Free, Egg/Dairy-Free, Vegan, Nut-Free, Paleo/GAPS-Friendly

Makes 1 serving

Cake Ingredients:

  • 1 ripe banana, mashed
  • 3 tbsp ground flaxseed
  • 6 tbsp water
  • 2 tbsp coconut flour
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • dash of salt
  • sweetener (optional*)
  • 1/2 tsp coconut oil

Frosting Ingredients:

  • 2-3 tbsp coconut milk
  • 1-2 tsp coconut flour
  • 1 tsp honey (or maple syrup to make vegan)
  • 1 tsp nut butter (or seed butter to make nut-free)


  1. In bowl combine the mashed banana, ground flaxseed and water. Add the remaining cake ingredients and stir until well combined. Let sit for about 5 minutes to allow the flaxseed and coconut flour to thicken the mixture.
  2. While you let that rest, mix up the frosting ingredients. Start first with adding your coconut milk to a small bowl/cup, then mixing the coconut flour into that. After you have mixed the milk and flour until all of the clumps are out and it is smooth, you can mix in the honey and nut butter. If the frosting appears too thin, add a little bit more coconut flour, and if it appears to thick, thin it out with a little coconut milk. When you get the frosting to your desired consistency place it in the fridge.
  3. Next take a small bowl or ramekin (I used a cereal bowl about 4-5 inches in diameter at the base) and put the 1/2 tsp of coconut oil in the bowl. Microwave the coconut oil for 10-15 seconds until melted, then using your fingers spread the melted oil over the inside of the bowl to prevent sticking.
  4. After greasing the bowl, scoop out the banana cake batter and distribute it evenly throughout the bowl. Microwave the batter for 5-8 minutes or until the edges start to pull away from the side of the bowl and the cake springs back at the touch.
  5. Let the cake cool for 5 minutes, and then top with the frosting and any additional toppings as desired (I used banana slices).

*Substitution notes:

  • If you like naturally sweet recipes then make the recipe as-is without the added sweetener. You do have the option to make this sweeter though with 1 tbsp honey/maple syrup, a few drops of stevia, date paste, coconut sugar, etc.
  • The coconut flour here is essential to the texture. If you want to try replacing the coconut flour with another flour you will need to at least double it and then decrease the liquid ingredients (water). I have not tried any alternative methods and cannot guarantee the results.
  • I have not tried this recipe with anything other than flaxseed, but ground chia seeds are usually a suitable substitution (again, I have not tried this, but if anyone does, let me know!).

Microwave Banana Cake with Frosting (Paleo and Vegan)

Sometimes you also need to give yourself some self-love, which is why you haven’t seen me around the blogging world much in the past few days. I’m drained and tired as school has been getting tougher these past few weeks. Unfortunately it is not slowing down anytime soon and I have several exams right on my tail. I’ll still be posting, just not as frequently as I’d like. Commenting and updating my new self-hosted blog will also be taking a backseat. Hopefully after the exams are over I’ll have a little reprieve and can get some solid work done again. Until then, I’ll be commenting whenever I can…. spreading the love ;)


Questions for you:

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? I will be going apartment hunting, and perhaps watch a good romantic comedy on Netflix… suggestions?

If you were to spell out the word LOVE, how would you do it?

What has been your most memorable February 14th? (It can be for whatever reason!)

And after you answer these questions, don’t forget to check out WIAW today with Jenn over at Peas and Crayons. I can guarantee that there will be a bazillion Valentine’s Day ideas from some fabulous bloggers.

25 Thoughts on “Microwave Banana Cake with Frosting

  1. If this recipe is any indication on the special treats you give your loved ones, can I be your Valentine this year? If so – please include some sprinkles on top :)

    After being together for 11 years, Joshua and I don’t celebrate VDAY every year. Usually he’ll do something big every couple years. Last year was pretty unbelievable. He handed me a card first thing in the morning (store bought & hand written), made a puzzle that had a hidden message in it, left clues all over the house for me to find while he was at work. The last note told me to get dressed nicely, and go outside at a certain time bc there’d be someone waiting there for me w/ a rose to take me to a surprie restaurant where he was already at. Once I walked in, there were a dozen flowers on the table w/ yet another card (yes we like cards lol).. we enjoyed dinner & when we got home he handed me a book he wrote. It was about his childhood, finding me, and than our life together plus empty pages he could continue writing in as the years passed. It was perfect.

    • I was *this* close to including sprinkles, but alas I did not :( We even had some pink, white and red ones that would have been perfect for V-Day!

      That’s how my parents are too I think. They will give each other a card, or maybe see a movie around then, but they don’t go all out very often. That would get so expensive!

      Um, I think perfect is an understatement for Joshua’s surprise last year. Haha. That sounds incredibly sweet. Flowers + cards = win :D

  2. I love your attitude towards Valentine’s Day! I used to despise that day when I was single, but now that I’m married I’m kind of indifferent about it. You should express your love every day, not just once a year, in my opinion.
    We don’t have any special plans. We will probably spend the night on the couch, enjoying a home-cooked meal and a DVD. I feel so old and boring sometimes. ;)

    • I guess maybe I was lucky, but most of my friends who had boyfriends didn’t act all that different on Valentine’s Day.

      Well if that’s what makes you feel old, I guess I’m kind of ancient because I way prefer home-cooked meals and DVDs opposed to going out ;) Have fun!

  3. Valentines day for me will be like any other day. And I’m not too fussed :p

    Do you think this will keep well if I made it the night before? It sounds amazing to bring for food prep during the week! I’d do it without the frosting though and just use coconut butter or something.

    • Good to hear! It’s just one day a year and honestly for me it flies by without much thought of it at all.

      I’ve been pondering your question for a few minutes and I think it probably would keep well overnight. You’ll probably want to test it once or twice to see how long you need to cook it to keep the texture right though. I know sometimes baked things (especially “micro-baked” things can get hard or even soft overnight if not cooked right). Let me know how it goes if you do! Coconut butter sounds like an excellent topping.

  4. An oldie but a goodie is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, its one of my fav romantic comedies.

    This recipe looks delicious! I’ve got coconut flour but its been a while since I used it.

    Nick and I are exchanging cards but that’s about it :)

    • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is my favorite romantic comedy ever! :) Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are great together.

      You should definitely make up something with coconut flour soon!

      I hope you got him a cat card ;) Haha. Just kidding.

  5. Aww hun love this :) we did the carnation thing at my high school too, which was always a nice thing to do for friends. Joe was my first ever Valentine’s date haha. Never had one before him, and he took me to one of his fav restaurants in the burgh, which was sweet. This year we’re hanging in, making dinner, and watching movies on the couch which is my fav :)

  6. Ben and me aren’t big fans of Valentine’s Day. We disagree with the concept that ONE day should be devoted to showing your significant other that you love them . What about every other day in the year? This year we will be celebrating it, by spending time doing what we both love. Eating cake. We’re going for afternoon tea together on the Saturday. We don’t really buy each other gifts just because it’s so commercialised and it kind of loses it’s impact, you know? We try and show we love each other every day instead!

  7. Great recipe! Hopefully I’ll get around to trying it soon…

    I’ll be shadowing in the high school for my Valentine’s Day. Haha. Pretty much, I’ll be celebrating it like it was just another day! Good luck with your apartment hunting!

  8. If someone made that for me for Val day I’d love them forever! Your veggie/fruit love is awesome! I think I’d use hands? Creativity – I love my hands for what they let me do! Now that you’ve mentioned it I totally want to make this…

  9. This looks SO yummy!! I haven’t used coconut flour in anything yet but I have a bag in my pantry… I might have to break it open for this :) I made cookies for my friends for V Day!

  10. Yum! I love all things banana!
    No big valentines plans actually. The boyfriend and I usually just stay in and cook together :)

  11. What a sweet post! I’ve always found Valentines Day to be a little silly, but sometimes it’s a great excuse to do silly things for others, too. This year, the hubs and I are keeping it low key and just making dinner together at home. When it comes to romantic comedies there will always be a special place in my heart for My Big Fat Greek Wedding!! That mug cake looks fantastic, btw! Another banana recipe for me to try. :D

  12. OMG Yum yum yum! This banana cake looks quite tasty. Nice work :)

    As for Valentine’s Day – I don’t have any plans (I don’t think Marty does either.) Maybe we’ll go out for a drink? Nothing special though! I’m not a huge fan of the day to be quite honest!

  13. Super super adorbs & I am pinning this now ;). And I don’t think it’s on netflix but you NEED to watch About Time. Like right away. Or you could always watch the “Decoy Bride”- that one should be on netflix!

  14. Mmmm looks delicious!!! And still healthy :)

  15. Yum! love the recipe and the blog make-over!
    happy valentine’s! (even though valentines is tomorrow…)

  16. I have all the ingredients, so I’m literally about to make this! Anything banana is so good, so I’m going to give this a shot! Hello dessert!

  17. Sabrina @ Nutritiously Sweet on February 15, 2014 at 3:30 am said:

    Oh my gosh you are too sweet! I love that idea a lot and I think it’s important to remember the other “loves” around you :) This looks really good too by the way :)

  18. I see someone else is talking about self-love too. Great minds think alike. I’m glad you’re finding a balance between blogging and school, even if it does mean blogging is taking a bit of a back seat. Your sanity is worth it, and it’ll all work out in the end.

    I’m thrilled you’ve chosen veggies to express your love, and I’m digging all the banana action.

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