What is Your Snack Personality?

I just got off my cellphone from a phone interview for an internship. I think it went well, but does anyone else notice that they start to repeat words when they get nervous? It would be impossible to count how many times I said “so,” “or” and “in the end” during those 30 minutes. What I can share though is the advice to never schedule an interview at 7:30 in the morning. Your voice will crack and the interviewer will apologize for getting you up early (it was all said in good spirit though. I didn’t yawn or fall asleep during the interview!).

But now that is over and done with. Next Monday I have an in-person interview about 2 hours away so I’m currently figuring out how I am going to manage my last class of the day. It will all work out… in the end. Ugh. I seriously used that phrase more times in the interview than I have in my entire life. Stab me with a rod and stick my marshmallow brain over the fire, I don’t think it’s burnt enough.


Speaking of marshmallows, do you like yours golden or black? I personally am a fan of catching mine on fire and waiting until the outside turns a deep charcoal. Yum. Over the weekend though I went to a friend’s cookout and I realized that everyone has a lot of different opinions on how marshmallows should be cooked. Very similar in all aspects of food really.

Since today is Thinking Out Loud Thursday with Amanda at Running with Spoons, I want to talk about the various food categories that people are passionate about. Perhaps passionate is the wrong word, but I think you know what I mean – everyone has that one type of food that is their favorite, that they LOVE to talk about. I believe that a person’s favorite kind of food can tell a lot about them.


So, what I’ve devised for today is to break down these food categories and share my personality specialist opinion on what they really mean. And then, because this week I have been promoting an awesome cookbook kit (affiliate links), I am going to match your food personality up with which cookbook I think you would be most interested in. Obviously I’m going to try and sell you the kit because I think you’ll love it (and I’ll make a little money 😉 ), but even if you don’t buy the kit, consider purchasing one of the cookbooks individually. The whole package is a much much better deal and either way supports fellow bloggers just like you AND provides some delicious recipes in return!

First up, the categories… Muffins, Smoothies, Nut Butter, Granola, Chocolate, Crackers. Notice I didn’t include main meals. The main reason is that everyone has different opinions on what to eat for dinner. Meat, vegetarian, vegan, etc.? I just picked the options I see most frequently on blogs as snacks.


Now, pick which category above is your favorite snack and read on to find out your snack personality!


You want everything to be happy. If things go awry and people get upset, you are the first to jump in and try to provide comfort. You reach for muffins because they are sweet and well-rounded. In your day to day activities you don’t like having negative thoughts and try to be positive no matter the circumstance.


Suggested Cookbook: Top 10 Muffins of 2013 by Fast Paleo Contributors

Recipes that sound amazing: Pecan Molasses Mini Muffins, Lemon Blueberry Nut Muffins, and Banana Vanilla Spice Muffins


You appreciate simplicity. Whether you are on the go or just wanting to take a minute to relax, you pick up a smoothie because you can get all of your nutrients in one sitting. Much like in life, you don’t like a lot of fluff and try to only commit to things where you are able to give 100%.


Suggested Cookbook: Top 10 Smoothies of 2012 by Fast Paleo Contributors

Recipes that sound amazing: Green Frozen Lemonade, Chocolate Avocado No-Milk Shake, and Creamy Coconut Macadamia Coffee Smoothie


You like to indulge. Not only in the creamy blissfulness of nut butter, but you cannot go a day without your favorite activity. It doesn’t matter if it is running, baking, reading or watching your favorite show, your day is not complete without it. You believe that no matter what is going on in your life, it is important to make time to put yourself first and do what you love.


Suggested Cookbook: 30 Minute Paleo Dessert Recipes by Louise Hendon

Recipes that sound amazing: Chocolate Coconut Fudge Cups, Chocolate Coffee Pot de Creme, and Chocolate Truffles


You like staying busy. While some people fail when life gets stressful, you thrive. Granola is perfect for batch-making and helps you to plan ahead for what you know will be a full schedule. To feel accomplished you want to be able to check everything off of your to-do list and get things done.


Suggested Cookbook: Paleogasm by Camille Macres

Recipes that sound amazing: Banana Blueberry Breakfast Bars (like granola bars) and Pumpkin Flax Granola

Nut Butter

You enjoy down-time. Just like everyone else you like to be involved and finish your work, but you truly appreciate taking time out of your schedule to just relax and relish in a peaceful hour or two. Nut butter is the perfect snack for you because it is simple to scoop out and enjoy while taking your mind off work.


Suggested Cookbook: Caveman Feast by George Bryant and Abel James

Recipes that sound amazing: Pumpkin Pie Espresso Hazelnut Butter, Cocoa Espresso Almond Butter, and Almond Coconut Chocolate Drops (with almond butter)


You are a multi-tasker. Crackers are the best choice for you because you take on a lot of responsibility both at home and at work/school. You don’t always have enough time for everything you would like to do during the day, but when you do get the chance, you know what you love. In the meantime, staying involved is enough to satisfy you.


Suggested Cookbook: The Paleo Snack Recipe Book by Suzanne Crawt

Recipes that sound amazing: Coconut Chips, Salt & Vinegar Kale Chips, and Sweet Potato Crisps with Rosemary Salt

If any of these recipes or cookbooks sound like something you would be interested, check out the Primal Life Kit page to find out more. There are more than 49 products included at a value of over $1500. But the cost to you is only $39. That’s a 95% discount. So far over 2,000 kits have been sold! There is no limit; however, the sale is only running until April 28th (Monday) so you need to jump on this deal now 😉 Yesterday for WIAW I posted a few recipe reviews for what have tried out so far from my personal purchase of the kit and the cookbooks inside. Pancakes and Sweet Potato Chili. Definitely worth it.


Questions for you:

So, how did I do? Is your “snack personality” anything like your real personality? 

Do you think what someone eats says anything about them as a person?

What is one recipe that you would like to try from this list?

Take a look at the Primal Life Kit and tell me which product you’d be interested in! (I need some help on deciding what to read/try next 🙂 ).

12 Thoughts on “What is Your Snack Personality?

  1. Ooh goodness, this post made me hungry.

    I’m glad the interview went well (despite the repeating of words…totally do that, too! My first week of teaching must have been so annoying to listen to…) and I hope the next one does as well!

  2. Hahaha this is awesome hun! If I had to pick only one, I’d go for muffin, which also describes me pretty well….but nut butter and chocolate are equally true. Decisions decisions 😉

  3. Either chocolate or nut butter. Pretty much sums me up. 😉

  4. What a fun post!! I think I would be a little of everything, but guess I would choose nut butter!

  5. Where’s the cheese category? It’s a perfect snack food…if you aren’t lactose intolerant.

    Just Kidding; I’m an odd combination of the smoothies and the granola, although never together because that would offend my self-diagnosed OCD. I’ve actually thought about doing a blog post one day about my many and contrary personalities. For example, I’m all about non-violence and yet I call myself a #vanillagorilla. I’m also a hippie with my veggie and gardening love and my composting ways, yet I’m ridiculously competitive and push things to extremes. I’m a bit of an oxymoron. What do you think? Worthwhile post or perhaps it would unravel my mysterious ways too much?

    • madison on April 25, 2014 at 12:46 pm said:

      Funny enough, there actually was a cheese category but it was replaced my chocolate when I realized that none of the cookbooks really had any cheese in them. Haha.

      I would argue the post would be worthwhile. Actions speak louder than words… Unless of course you are a blogger and no one can see your actions. Then you have to tell us about them 😉

  6. P.S. I look for honesty, sincerity and someone who can work well with others when I do interviews. It doesn’t bother me if people are shy or nervous so just focus on those first three.

  7. Nut butter…definitely! I always catch my marshmallows on fire as well. No other way to do it!! Cute post!

  8. Hmmmm interesting. I would be inclined to say that people’s food choices say something about them (not to be harsh to my older sister but she loves pizza and cereal – they’re like core meals for her every week…and she happens to be one of the laziest people I know so it kind of makes sense).
    I think I gravitate towards chocolate….definitely not granola, nut butter or smoothies <– not my kind of food at all! Whereas chocolate is like a hug for your taste buds 🙂
    Hope the interviews go well. I'm sure repeating a few words isn't a bad thing at all. It's just a natural thing about being nervous. My fingers are crossed for you!

  9. The marshmallow debate is a real thing. I like mine perfectly browned so that the exterior is juuuuuust crispy enough with an ooey gooey interior. I think I’ve managed to perfect my technique over the years, and it’s something I take a lot of pride in 😉

    As for my personality, I went with chocolate seeing as I have a huge addiction to it at the moment (thank you, Easter!!), and I’d have to say that you hit the nail on the head pretty well. I’m all about doing the things you love on a regular basis… Life’s too short not to.

  10. I’ve been snacking so much more often as of lately. It’s usually in the afternoon around 4PM. I’ll have hummus + carrots or Ezekiel Raisin bread + Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese. 🙂

  11. Love this! I’m a smoothie all the way! quick and I can drink it while holding a baby!

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