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5 Ways To Know When You Have Been Back Home For Too Long

I don’t know about everyone else, but school breaks are never as stress-free and relaxing as I expect them to be. During my final exams right before I leave for home I daydream about long relaxing hours of reading books and baking. I picture waking up refreshed each and every morning with my schedule free as the birds to whatever the heck I want. And finally, in these imaginary fantasy lands that I long for as I’m studying, I see a wonderful, smiling family who never fights, never bickers, and who reside in rainbow-lined cottages among the clouds…

As that ridiculous ending already clued you in on, being home for three weeks straight is no walk in the park. Would I have rather been someplace else? Of course not. I love my family and I’m glad I got to spent all of that time with them. However, sometimes there is something as being together TOO much. And so, for today’s Thinking Out Loud I have come up with my personal list of…

5 Ways To Know When You Have Been Back Home For Too Long

1. You start to notice those little quirks in your family members that you had forgotten about. Like the fact that your mother will not answer the phone if it is an unknown number. “Really? What are they going to do? Reach through and kidnap you?”


2. You start to get so bored that playing Ninja Kiwi with your brother starts to sound appealing. “Tell me again- where should I put the dart monkey to destroy the most amount of balloons?” Just NO.


Note: This is not my picture. I was never able to get past easy.

Note: This is not my picture. I was never able to get past easy.


3. You start to get annoyed by the littlest things. Somebody forgot to wash their plate before loading the dishwasher? Watch out for Godzilla with the reign of terror that you are about to inflict on your unsuspecting sibling.


4. You start to clean up after everyone else’s messes as well as your own. This is NOT acceptable. Leave now before you enter the land of no return.


Okay, not entirely, but sometimes it really does feel this way!

Okay, not entirely, but sometimes it really does feel this way!

5. You start to dream about being back at school. Literally.


Needless to say, I am ecstatic to be back at school… even if it is only for 5 days before I return home for a holiday weekend.


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Questions for you:

  • Have you ever experienced a similar situation when coming back home for an extended period of time?
  • What little quirks bother you?
  • When was the last time that you were a “Godzilla” too?

Friday Food Finds (Recipe Round Up for the Weekend)

Happy Friday. Today I don’t have class until  1:30pm, so I decided to do a little searching over the blog-a-world for some awesome recipes!

Because it is Labor Day weekend, I’m going home! Which means that I get to see my family, my pets, sleep in my own bed, oh! and use an actual KITCHEN (<<<< I know what you are thinking. Where are my priorities people?)

Anywho, to make it easier on me and you, I decided to do a little Recipe Round Up to showcase my…

Here is a collective list of all the things I want to try making when I get home:

Homemade rice milk.

Pumpkin protein cookie dough.

Homemade Vegan Arctic Zero…. Fro-Yo Style! And Protein Ice Cream with awesome frosting.

More “cookie dough.”

Experiment with quinoa.

Using some of these gluten-free tips for cooking.

Make an authentic tasting OIAJ without oats, gluten, dairy, fat, chocolate chips, eggs, cinnamon…. Oh, and I want it to look like OIAJ.

Cupcake for One.

Quinoa muffin tops (Use chia egg, and replace fat and syrup with stevia + banana).

Raspberry pumpkin butter.

Buckwheat porridge and chia.

Quinoa uses, like these awesome homemade pitas!


Any recipes that have caught your eye lately? Let me know!

It’s really hard for me to find recipes that don’t need adapting, so any tips are appreciated. Here are my criteria just in case you have a recipe in mind: MUST BE egg-free, milk-free, gluten-free (no oats), peanut-free, corn-free, celery-free, tomato-free. For the time being, I am also avoiding all nuts/oil/seeds, beans, and a few fruits/veggies that cause me stomach problems.

If you find a recipe that meets some or most of that criteria, let me know! Also, if you see something SUPER AWESOME that is a great “concept” post a comment. I love experimenting in the kitchen (<<<< I finally get to say KITCHEN AGAIN!!!)