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It Only Comes Once A Year

I haven’t been posting much and for that I am sorry. I’ve also not been commenting on all of your wonderful blogs either and I truly do miss it. Time has just escaped me and just know that as soon as I can I will jump back full force into the swing of things. Scout’s honor 😉

Today I am just popping in to say that I’m another year older! The big 2-0.

Here is a picture from this past weekend (taken by my dad on a cellphone) when my family went out to eat to celebrate my grandma’s birthday!

Yesterday was one of my best friend’s birthday too. Every year we talk about how we still don’t feel any different; we still feel like kids. I’m not sure if that will ever change. I’m not sure if that is necessarily a bad thing.

Have a wonderful April Fool’s Day my friends!


ABC… Easy as 123

Sorry for the long, unexplained absence from blogging! I have some great, informative (and delicious) posts coming up, so STAY TUNED.

Meanwhile, I decided you write up a little ABC post to tell you a little bit about me outside of blogging. Here it goes…

A- Accounting. I love doing mental math, and algebra was one of my favorite subjects in school. On those personality questionnaires I always received the description of “analytical” so accounting is a good fit for me!

B- Banana Ice Cream. Enough said.


C- Cats. All of my cats have been named after famous painters or literary characters. Leo (Davinci), Vince (VanGogh), Scout (To Kill a Mockingbird). My brother’s cat is Apollo (the Greek god of music)… or introvert as he is affectionately nicknamed.


D- Dogs. Okay! More animals. We have two dogs; one is outside and one is inside. Lilly is our inside Cairn Terrier. Riley is our outside mix (we got him from the pound).


E- Elephant Ears. These were my favorite treats at the fair when I was younger. Most kids loved cotton candy or french fries, but not me! Paired with a corn dog for lunch, elephant ears were the highlight of the week. (Now… I just need to come up with an allergy-friendly version!)

F- Falcon. My high school’s and college’s mascot. Coincidence? I think not!

G- Gold or silver. Silver… Gold makes me feel OLD!

H- Hair. It’s naturally curly, but when it’s long it seems to be wavy.


I- Ice. I love crunching on ice. It keeps me occupied in restaurants when I’m bored. Plus: It really annoys my mom 😛

J- Jump Rope. It’s kind of a hate-and-love relationship for me. In Kindergarden my favorite recess activity was jumping rope and singing those crazy songs… Cinderella, dressed in yell-a, ran upstairs to kiss a fella. By mistake she kissed a snake, how many doctors did it take? One… Two… Three.

K- Kale. Vegetable of the summer. Put on the broiler, wash some kale, and lay it out on a cookie sheet. No oil needed and still CRISPY!


L- Laps. If I could pick one exercise to do for the rest of my life, it would be swimming laps at a pool. Swimming is so much better than running, and lifting weights, and doing lunges…

M- Madison, Me, Muffins… Obviously my favorite letter ever!


N- Nancy Drew. My favorite books when I was younger. One day my grandma brought out a big stack of her old, musty, original Nancy Drew novels. Blue binding and all! Sometimes I even go back and reread my favorites.

O- OOOOOOO…. For some reason this reminds me of cOOkie dOugh. Perhaps because there are so many O’s? But, anways. Cookie dough is my favorite food. I love making protein powder taste like cookie dough. Chocolate chip cookie dough tastes way better than baked cookies (Did I really just say that? Hmmm… yes. Yes I did.)


P- Pet Peeves. Grammar mistakes (I know, I make a lot too!). Text messaging lingo- I get lol and idk, but I HATE when people abbreviate every single word in a message. “Do you really think I’ll understand that?”

Q- Quotes. To reference the mighty Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory: “Hummingbirds are the vampires of the flower world.” “I am not crazy; my mother had me tested.” “I am immune to your sarcasm.” And… “BAZINGA!”

R- Radishes. I just don’t get their appeal. YUK.

S- Sweet Potatoes. My favorite vegetable. So sad they hurt my stomach! Ah… Nevertheless. One day, one day I shall eat them again!

T- Tigger. The best character from Winnie the Pooh.

U- Underworld. A new book by Meg Cabot that I am dying to read!


The first book was so good!

V- Vaseline. Really good for hands in cold weather!

W- Water. I really don’t like it a lot, but I drink it because I have to, or else I’d die. Positive thinking, right?

X- X-rays. Of which I have had none. Knock on wood… and then trip over it and break my ankle. (Don’t worry, I kid, I kid!)

Y- Yams. Really, what is the difference between sweet potatoes and yams? Anybody know?

Z- Zucchini bread. For the past two weeks I have been feverishly searching for a recipe for zucchini bread that I CAN EAT! No sugar, no yeast, no flour, no eggs. I’m thinking: almond flour, protein powder, stevia, zucchini, pumpkin, salt, baking powder (without corn), olive oil… Any thoughts?

Please pick 123 letters above and share with me a little something about yourself!