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Friday Confessions – I May or May Not Have


*Said in an extremely annoying voice*

If you can’t imagine that voice, just look at this picture and imagine it conveyed in voice form…


I haven’t done a Friday Confessions for some time now, but I figured that this would be the best opportunity to share what I may (or may not have) been doing recently.

1. I may or may not have… acquired a tiny sliver of the road rage that I’ve been chiding my mom about for years. People in cities are rude. People driving in cars in cities are CRAZY!


2. I may or may not have… laid back down one day this week after my alarm clock went off. 30 minutes later I woke up extremely worried that I slept in too long and would be late to work. Needless to say that won’t be happening again anytime soon (I hope).


3. I may or may not have… spent all of my break time today internet health diagnosing on the web. I basically typed in every symptom I had and scoured every single webpage that came up trying to figure what could possibly be going on with me.


4. I may or may not be… extremely excited for Pretty Little Liars to return next week. I both love it and hate it at the same time— is that even possible?


5. I may or may not have… an extreme book-buying obsession. Why oh why do I feel the need to buy more books when I already have so many unread ones at home?


6. I may or may not have… not focused quite enough at the Memorial Day Parade on Monday. It was cold. So very very cold. And raining. How could I possibly focus when all I could think about was my frozen toes?!


We look actually kind of happy here… That’s before the rain started!

7. I may or may not have… taken a grocery shopping break during my drive home last week. It took almost five hours, a full two hours longer than it’s supposed to. So about three hours in I stopped at Meijer to pick up some ripe bananas for snacking, a water bottle for drinking, and the Pitch Perfect CD for listening (since my radio has decided to play only two channels, none of which I listen to!).


8. I may or may not have… enjoyed grading tests for my mom over the weekend. I love tests.


9. I may or may not have… too many blogs in my bloglovin’. So many that I can’t possibly read them all in a day and comment on every single one of them.


10. I may or may not be… way behind on commenting/replying on my own blog as well. Thanks again for being patient!


I’m also planning on linking up to Meghan at Clean Eats Fast Feets with her Week in Review on Monday since this is basically my weekly confessions!



Questions for you: What is your Friday confession? Do you have road rage? I still wouldn’t classify myself as having it, but when people cut me off it’s hard not to get mad. If I didn’t hover my foot over the brake at all times I’m not sure I would make it out alive each day. Seriously. Did you have bad traffic last weekend because of Memorial Day? Are there any shows that you are looking forward to this summer? Does anybody else have a book-buying problem like me? Do you want to form a support group? 

What I Ate/Watched Wednesday

I’m back from Fall Break!

First, I want to thank all of the wonderful people who commented on last week’s WIAW in Stratford, Canada. That post is officially most commented page to date. And that’s all because of you!!

Now, as you may remember, I was pretty excited to go home this weekend because my Fall Break lasted a total of four, long blissful days.

To recap, I spent a majority of that time lounging around and relaxing, but I also did some productive things. On Friday night I went to my old high school’s Homecoming football game. We ended up losing, but I mostly went to catch up with my friends anyways!

Over the weekend my family also rented The Avengers from Redbox. What did you think of the movie? Honestly, I was kind of surprised at how long and boring it was. There were definitely some cool parts, but overall I was left feeling underwhelmed, especially when some people were proclaiming it to be “The Best Movie of the Year!”

During my brother’s homecoming dance my mom and I watched The Five-Year Engagement. Overall better than The Avengers, but not much of a comparison because they are two completely different genres. It was pretty funny, but the middle dragged and was a tad depressing.


One movie I can’t wait to see though is Pitch Perfect. I watched “Fat Amy” on Ellen DeGeneres the other day and she was so HILARIOUS!

*I apologize for the language. Just. Too. Funny. To. Pass. Up.

Let’s get to the real reason why you all are reading, shall we?

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for another WIAW!

Thanks Peas and Crayons.


Another banana protein bread made in the microwave.

Made with the last of my brown rice protein powder…

Thankfully I got some more in the mail today though!

Love you amazon and your amazing 2-day shipping!!

Unfortunately, the boxes are not that easy to open.

Stupid tape.


A salad of cucumber slices, lettuce and red grapes.

And blueberry banana bread cake made with my brand new protein powder!

Basically, you just make my microwave banana bread and push some blueberries into the top before cooking. When done, you have a sweet, berry syrup on top and moist bread underneath!


Carrots. Deformed and lovely as ever.


A humongous plate of four grilled chicken pieces and steamed zucchini and yellow squash. (Unpictured plates of lettuce, grapes and shredded carrots).


Quinoa porridge.

Remember how I told you in this post that I would explain how to make it? Well, I forgot. But I am going to explain the directions now:

How to Make Quinoa Porridge (Breakfast Cereal)

Step 1: Place uncooked quinoa flakes in large bowl (I use about 1/4-1/3 cup).

Step 2: Fill the bowl with double the water (compared to flakes).

Step 3: Microwave quinoa flakes for 2-3 minutes until thick.

Step 4: Add more water as necessary and microwave until desired consistency.

Step 5: Pour a packet of stevia over top. Before mixing, drizzle a little water over the granules of sweetener to prevent clumping.


I also had a lot of pumpkin protein concoctions.

Including a mash-up of pumpkin puree, protein powder and frozen blueberries.


So, continuing with all of my healthy snacks for the day, I also have a sneak peak of a recipe that I will be posting soon:

A much better version of Gluten-Free Vegan Banana Bread!


What did you do this weekend?

Have you seen The Avengers, The Five-Year Engagement or Pitch Perfect?

Have you watched OSU’s viral half-time video yet? Proud to say that I watched this video before it went viral and its views were still in the thousands!!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAzzbrFgcUw]