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Breakfast Take 1, 2, 3 (WIAW)

Do you ever get that feeling in your eyes, when you are tired and they feel like they are burning? Exhaustion maybe. But I actually got 8 1/2 hours of sleep last night, so it could also just be my eyes are tired of staring at computer screens all day for class. Seriously, out of all three of my classes today I was on the computer for every single one of them. I guess I should expect that with our increasing dependence on technology, but that still surprises me. Although, tomorrow I am only on the computer for one of my three classes so maybe I just took the wrong day to examine.

Either way, I’m finding it hard to concentrate so if I make some big goof like misspelling every single word, or having a slip of the tongue and calling eggs – chicken or pancakes – waffles, forgive me just this once*


*Well, maybe more than once since I cannot see into the future. My gut tells me that this will happen again when exams roll around. Or next week. Who really knows?

So spell check just told me that I misspelled “misspelling.” Since when have there been two Ss? Like I said, spelling errors galore. You would have never guessed that I was in the county spelling bee for three years in middle school. Better believe it though with my shiny gold participation trophies displayed proudly on my bookshelves at home.

Tomorrow morning I have an early advising appointment where I get to discuss my future (aka classes for next fall). I already had one with my honors advisor on Monday so I have a pretty good idea of what I’ll be taking. I’m looking forward to it though because I would like to discuss my specialization options and what will work best with my schedule.

You know your life is boring when planning your classes is the highlight of your week.

Among other exciting things, I am going to turn in my notarized lease tomorrow for my apartment, start my accounting simulation for the semester, and apply to more internships (*fingers crossed* but not too hopeful).


Sing that to the tune of Alicia Key’s song and you will be in my brain right now.


Now my mind is telling me it is seriously time to get on with today’s post. FINE.

Another WIAW! Thank you to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting once again. Check out the link-up today for tons of other great bloggers and their food pictures.

I entitled this WIAW “Breakfast Take 1, 2, 3” because I have mostly breakfast photos to share with you. In reality only one was made for breakfast as I have no qualms about making (and my family has no qualms about eating) breakfast foods for other meals of the day.

Breakfast Take #1

This glorious stack of pancakes below was split by my mom and dad. They are just my basic paleo pancakes that I posted a few months ago. Topped with grass-fed butter, and honey.


Breakfast Take #2

Waffles! These are not just any waffles however, but SAVORY waffles from The Big Man’s World. In case you don’t know what savory is, you are not alone. My dad went to put honey on his and I said, “No Dad, they’re SAVORY.” And he responded, “What’s ‘savory’?” *sigh* He has so much to learn.


Breakfast Take #3

Of course, what is a WIAW without a disclaimer of ugly food ahead? So forewarning, the next picture really is delicious. All three of my family members ate it. When my parents eat something you know it’s acceptable. When they get seconds you know it’s good. When my brother ventures to take a bowl you know it’s a SUCCESS. This is an attempt at a recreation of Meghan’s Breakfast Salad. I just sauteed some potatoes, onions and spinach in my cast iron with butter. Then I cracked in a bunch of eggs (extra because I accidentally dropped the carton in the process and had to use the rest up. Whoops), and then seasoned the scramble with sea salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder.



In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, on Sunday I made a homemade version of the Shamrock Shake. I used avocado, coconut milk, a frozen banana, vanilla extract, and some peppermint stevia. I really wanted to use plain mint extract and some honey for sweetener but there was no mint extract to be found. My dad said these tasted kind of “chemically” which is most likely from the huge amount of stevia I had to dump in to make them taste minty. Lesson learned for sure.



While the shakes were not a win, these brownies most certainly were. My mom even asked if I had written down the recipe just to be sure that I hadn’t forgotten it. She knows me so well. I’ll be posting these hopefully next week after I get a chance to make them again (next time perhaps with frosting as my dad requested that addition… he’s getting to be quite the dessert connoisseur).


What I Ate

So obviously all of those things above are not foods that I am able to eat (although I did try some of the shake, much to the chagrin of my stomach). I tried again to introduce some other foods without success, and since I last updated you on my health issues I have visited two doctors. There isn’t anything to report except frustrations. I will try to share what happened with my last doctor in the future though because it was unbelievable. For now, all you need to know is that I have it in my plans to go to every Doctor rating website there is and give him a negative ten zillion stars. Yes, although zillion is not a real number I am going to give him a negative of it. That’s how horrible that appointment was. I do not use fake quantities lightly.

Oh right, so the food that I ate over my break includes this very boring bowl of boiled zucchini noodles below topped with shrimp (although this is not a good picture I still couldn’t bother waiting to eat half the shrimp before taking the picture). I also sprinkled on some sea salt and olive oil.


And the cucumber juice was back this week at school. Except this time I didn’t manage to freeze it separately into ice cubes so now I have a huge block of juice in my freezer. While before it looked like some wicked witch potion, this now reminds me of Superman’s kryptonite. I call dibs on Lois Lane. No take-backs.


And there you have it. I hope you found my rambling humorous rather than annoying, and my food pictures if not appealing, at least non-repulsive. How you could ever hate on a picture of pancakes though is beyond me.


Questions for you:

Are you tired? Are your eyes on fire?

Do you ramble like I do when you are sleepy or become a silent mouse?

If you were to say “savory” to your parents/friends, would they know what you meant?

If you could be any superhero’s significant other, who would you be?

Genuine with All of the Faults In-Between WIAW

Recently I’ve realized that I all of my posts are starting to sound like a whiny college student. I guess that should be fine since I AM a college student who occasionally likes to whine banter diplomatically. A while back though one of the bloggers that I follow mentioned that once they left college, they really didn’t like reading blogs written by college students anymore because they couldn’t relate any longer. For me, I read blogs from people of all age groups and interests. If someone is interesting or seems like a genuine person I’ll follow along no matter the age or topic.

With that said, I believe that blogger’s statement has stuck with me because it serves a reminder that not everyone reading is in college or can relate to being in college. And as I am so much more than just a typical “college student,” I don’t want every post I write to be weighed down with my talk of exams, homework and sleep.


Something that I know you all can relate to though is technology. Social Media. Let’s talk about Instagram for a moment. Have you ever heard of F4F, L4L or S4F? If not, then skip down a few paragraphs to the food pictures because it’s not important. If you have heard/seen or even experienced the profound meaning behind F4F though… Please explain why this even exists?

Upon joining Instagram I thought it was a way to quickly share and express yourself through images. Whether that be with pictures of food, beautiful scenery, workouts, pets, or a combination thereof, I believed that Instagram was all about showing what is unique about YOU. Other than adding the filters, how much more raw and real can you get than sharing captioned images of your everyday life? You leave yourself open to comments from people literally all around the world. You connect with people from EVERYWHERE.

I thought it was truly an amazing thing. Until I started seeing those hashtags I mentioned above. Follow for Follow? Like for Like? Shout out for shout out? I have issues with getting mad about things having nothing to do with me, but these hashtags just made me downright angry. Almost to a ridiculous point I was furious at these Instagramers. How dare they disrupt this beautiful thing going on with commercialism? By asking for an undeserving follow, like or shout out they are just superficially inflating their accounts. I’ve seen people with thousands of followers getting less than a dozen likes per picture. Not because the pictures were horrific or anything like that; it was because those followers weren’t following them for THEM. Just for the reciprocated “follow,” “like,” or “shout out.”


As I said, in reality it is my fault for expecting social media to be anything other than social media. Even on blogs I will get the occasional comment where the only thing someone says is “Love your blog! Will you check out mine?” To me this discredits them on my second requirement for following a blog- BEING GENUINE!


There is so much more to be said on this subject and yet, right now if I continue I think I will start to sound like my scratched up Backstreet Boys’ Millenium CD. After awhile from so much abuse it could barely get through the first track of “Larger than Life” without repeating the manical laugh of A.J. McLean. One thousand times over.

Similarly, I don’t think any of you want me to repeat myself one thousand times over, creepy laugh or not.

(I just realized that this is way more “thinking” than I had planned for a simple WIAW post. I’m also going to be linking up with Amanda at Running With Spoons tomorrow for her Thinking Out Loud link-up!


Now for an entirely genuine WIAW with all of the faults in between, here is some food of recently… some mine, mostly not 😉

Hey! I can actually use this WIAW button and tell the veggie truth this week 🙂
I have been absolutely terrible about posting recipes lately, and it’s not for lack of edited photos or having the time to write them up. In fact, there are currently three complete recipes just waiting to be published in the queue. It’s just the “other stuff” that needs to be written along with them. The “life” stuff. Example number 3 is below for a new cracker recipe I just made over the weekend. They are nut-free and are packed with tons of flavor.


The next recipe I need to share (oh wait, that means I actually have 4 recipes all typed up! These two plus a vegan banana bread, and a smoothie recipe 8o … Alright, I will be sharing at least one this week!) is for some apple bread that I baked up in small ramekins. They are kind of a coffee cake/cinnamon heaven. I’m not sure what to call them yet. Now though I feel like “heaven” should definitely be included somewhere in the name?? They made my house smell absolutely wonderful.


Now for something that I have been snacking on:


Green… Ice cubes?


Yes, those would be green ice cubes that I brought back with me from home to eat during the week. I took about 5 cucumbers, peeled them (the skins bother me), ran them through the juicer and then froze the juice into ice cube trays. All of the juice made around 30-something ice cubes in all. When I’m home for the weekend I like to make fresh cucumber juice, but during school that’s not possible so frozen is the next best thing. Originally I planned to thaw them out the night before and have a glass in the morning. Then I forgot and decided to eat them like Popsicles (or ice cubes… Since I really do just eat plain ice cubes. I’m not the only one, right?).

And below you can see a glass of cucumber juice in all of its glory. That is about 1 cucumber juiced, and then diluted with an equal amount of water. Delicious and refreshing. My mom was intrigued and asked to try some. She commented that it was surprisingly sweet, and I’d have to agree! I never considered cucumbers as being sweet before, but the juice definitely is.


Just for the fun of it, I decided to throw in a random picture of me to prove that I am in fact alive (Just in case there was any doubt). I’m also going to break my sort-of-vow above and acknowledge that I look a little worn out in this picture. I’m just plain tired t0 tell you the truth and am aiming for a full 8 hours tonight (I usually get about 7). Spring Break next week will be very welcomed indeed!


Questions for you:

Do you have an Instagram? How do you feel about the follow for follow trend that has emerged?

What recipes have you made recently? And have you posted about them (FAIL for me 🙁 )

Have you ever snacked on ice cubes before? I can’t be the only one!

Do you still hold onto your old scratched CDs? I’m sure I could rummage around and still find that old Backstreet Boys CD if I tried!!