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Snapshots When I Was Sick (WIR)

Stock photos make me cringe. This is the #1 reason why I have not looked back on my last post since it was published. The #2 reason being that I can’t believe that I forced all of you to read what was probably 1000 words on my swollen sinuses and wacked out dreams (oh ya, if you missed Wednesday’s post it was a really doozy).

Going back to problem #1, the reason that I had to use photos that I just found around the internet was because my computer decided that my phone didn’t exist when I tried to plug it in and import my photos. Usually a little box pops up identifying it as a flash drive or something to that effect. Now nothing happens. Zip. Nada.


On Tuesday night when I was feeling sick I didn’t really have any desire to manually e-mail myself each and every photo that I wanted to use and then go edit them on PicMonkey. So instead I resorted to stock photos instead of leaving my whole post pictureless. So really you should be thanking me for not making you read a post with 2689 words (I just checked).


I was not however under the weather enough to choose this one… Until now. Again, you’re welcome for the mental image that has now been burned into your mind for the rest of the day.

Today when I finally do have the desire to take the extra effort to post those photos I had to decide whether to go back and edit my old post or just show them off on this one. I chose this one.

So, here are my photos from the past weekend, in all of their strange and blurry glory. I think an experiment should be created where you give 6 professional photographers a camera and ask them to take pictures at the park. As one little amendment though I think that each photographer should be in a different frame of mind. As in: just woke up, ready to fall asleep, hyped up on caffeine, starving, and sick. Oh, and the sixth would just be wide awake, caffeine-free, healthy as a horse (another little history tidbit for you on that one) and not hungry in the slightest.

In the end, I bet it would be hilarious to compare the photos and would be quite easy to pick out what pictures were taken by which person.

Here is quite possibly what the pictures may have resembled of the sick person:

Me after my awards ceremony on Friday afternoon... Look how blissfully unaware I was of what was to come!

Me after my awards ceremony on Friday afternoon… Look how blissfully unaware I was of what was to come!


This is just a quick picture that I took at the wedding reception. I have no idea who any of those people are, except for that’s my brother’s arm in the bottom right corner ;)


And this would be one of many plates that my dad got from the appetizer table. So much fruit. It all looked so good, and there was even little tiny metal forks to stab them with!


The retained earnings column that I texted a girl from my class when we were going over our take home quiz answers together.

The retained earnings column that I texted a girl from my class when we were going over our take home quiz answers together.


Peppermint tea = lifesaver.

Such a classy mug. The poor lighting is due to the unholy hour that I was up at on Sunday morning (pun intended).


Such a classy mug. The poor lighting is due to the unholy hour that I was up at on Sunday morning (pun intended).

Such a classy mug. The poor lighting is due to the unholy hour that I was up at on Sunday morning (pun intended).


I was extremely fascinated by the quickly melting ice cubes in my tea. Time lapse- 60 seconds.

Here is Lilly checking up on me when I was trying to take a nap while my parents and brother were gone for church.


Here is the bread that I made. It looks on the outside, right?



The inside… not so much. This slice was about perfect after baking for about an hour longer. Ha!


3 lbs of fish! Getting the pieces is such a good deal because they are super fresh and the least expensive in the whole market because everyone wants fancy WHOLE fish.


My trash can stuffed with tissues. It just keeps piling up man.


My trash can stuffed with tissues. It just keeps piling up man.

My trash can stuffed with tissues. It just keeps piling up man.

I will be linking up these snapshots to Meghan’s Week in Review next Monday. I better see all of you there because the party is fun, fantastic, and just what you need to start the week off right.


Have a fantabulous day and an even better weekend! I know I will… Sleep is already on my mind and in my dreams (did I mention that I think my dreams have not been as funky since I’m starting to feel better?!)

Oh, and shout out to my dad even though he isn’t allowed to read my blog. I hope you feel better!

I think I may have gotten him sick too 😉


Which of the six photographers would you be? I think I’d be both sleepy and sick.

What’s your favorite snapshot from the week?

Are you going to be linking up to WIR on Monday? You should start on your post now so that you don’t forget!

My “Souper” Weekend (WIAW)

Wowee do I have a lot of pictures to share with you today!

So let’s skip the fluff and get right to it.

It’s time for another WIAW hosted by the lovely Jenn of Peas and Crayons. Go check out her blog for even more wonderful WIAW posts from some pretty awesome bloggers.

This weekend, as you know, was an extra long one with Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Extended weekends are the greatest. I got to spend a lot of time with my family, cooking, and a little bit of shopping thrown in. Grocery shopping that is…


Since starting GAPS in December, both of my parents have now joined me in whole foods living. My dad is currently a few stages ahead of me on the Intro Diet, while my mom started right onto full GAPS because she doesn’t have any digestive issues to begin with. Both are feeling great and are really embracing this new lifestyle. I am seriously so proud of their effort to eat clean. Their eating habits have changed dramatically since I wrote this WIAW post entitled Me Vs. Them.


Another positive to having parents on GAPS is that now we eat some of the same food. On Friday when I came home my dad had a bowl of chicken and vegetable soup simmering on the stove to share. That is the first time in over six months where I have been able to eat the same thing as my parents for supper. It’s quite a surreal feeling.


Also, on this whole foods journey I’ve introduced my dad to some awesome food. Like squash! At first he couldn’t stand it… Ya. I know. Who is this man?

Well, eventually he came around. He’s still not much into spending a lot of time cooking though, so I knew I had to figure out a quick, painless way to cook squash that he could do during the work week. Sure, he could have microwaved it, but we all know that microwaving isn’t the safest method of cooking. And slicing takes way too much effort…

So, with a little searching on pinterest, I came up with a method that is relatively pain-free:

How to Cook Squash in the Oven Painlessly



  • 1 whole squash, any kind
  • 1 oven
  • 1 pan


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Place whole squash in the pan and bake for 1-2 hours.
  3. Check after 1 hour with a knife. When it goes clean through, it’s done.
  4. Cut in half and then scoop out the seeds.

Note: For squash that you can cube, bake on the lower end of the cooking times. For squash that comes off the skin easily and is soft enough to puree, bake closer to the 2 hour cooking time.

Hmm… Super easy, right? I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner? No peeling or slicing, and the seeds are so much easier to remove after the squash is cooked.

After I let the squash cool, I store it in a Pyrex container in the fridge. As I’m scooping and cutting, I tend to snack on a lot of squash (maybe too much sometimes? Hehe). My favorite way is to just slice butternut squash into wedges and eat. They kind of remind me of chomping on orange slices as a kid.


Over the weekend I also made another batch of Cauliflower Rice Risotto with some of the butternut squash that I cooked.


I let the risotto cool in the fridge again, then I topped it with some crock pot chicken and sweet peas.


Other than food I also got to go to one of my brother’s basketball games. That was probably the highlight of my weekend; my brother is over six foot, so he is pretty good at stuffing players and blocking shots.

Last week I shared a picture of my dog Lilly, but my other pets got jealous. Now it’s their turn!

It was pretty cold over the weekend, so my dad let our larger, outside dog Riley in. We enclosed our kitchen with chairs so that he wouldn’t make a mess of the rest our house, but he was perfectly content with visiting with everyone and getting petted. He is such a sweetheart! I tried to get a good picture, but he just wouldn’t sit still.


Scout also wanted to get in on the action. She’s such a little diva. As soon as we emptied one of our paper bags from Whole Foods, Scout hopped right on in and started messing around. Cats just LOVE boxes and bags. She actually let me carry her around in it for a while.


And let’s not forget Apollo, my brother’s cat who he dubbed “Introvert.” He’s not exactly a people person…


Let’s see, what other pictures do I have to share with you all?

How about this awesome shot I took while I was doing a load of jeans on Saturday:


Or this picture I took of a sunset on the way to my brother’s game:


A successful experiment on my mom’s part.

She experimented in making some homemade dressing made from lemon (or orange?) juice, olive oil, and salt. One half she used plain, and the other she mixed with some homemade yogurt. For a snack she dipped a few organic romaine lettuce leaves into the two dressings. She was very impressed, especially with it being GAPS legal.


And a not so successful experiment on my part.

I’m always looking for new ways to incorporate protein powders into dessert for my brother to try. He can use all of the bulking up he can get with basketball! Last time it went over well, but I guess this time I made one too many substitutions when making these no-bake cookies. I personally think it would have tasted awesome, but he’s very very picky.


Of course, since it’s WIAW, I should probably include some of my regular meals lately. Just because I’ve been eating a lot of soup, doesn’t mean I don’t make up some delicious combinations!

At home for a snack I cooked up two sliced carrots and shredded chicken in a little broth until tender. I drank the broth on the side (it’s so sweet and delicious from the cooked carrots) and I topped the carrots and chicken with a little coconut oil and sea salt.


At school today I peeled and cooked yellow squash “noodles” in chicken broth. I topped the squash with a large strip of chicken, sea salt and rosemary. After I took this picture I also added a nice big drizzle of olive oil.


To round out this incessantly long WIAW, a little warmth for this sub-zero weather that we’ve been experiencing up around here:


Peppermint tea.



Questions for you:

What is your favorite health food store? I’m all about Whole Foods and Earth Fare!

Have you ever tried cooking a squash whole? Do it. Now. You’ll never go back. Promise.

How do you capture good pictures of your pets?